Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama Caves!!!! (and other crap)

Nary a day goes by that the Huffington Post doesn't write some scathing article on President Obama "caving" to the GOP. In fact, a quick search of the site brings up 262,000 hits. Their's (and the general mainstream media's) latest sensationalization of an otherwise non-descript non-issue has been Obama's wish to conduct a joint session of congress in order to discuss job creation. Just so happens the time he requested was the same time the republicans had a televised debate scheduled to take place at the Reagan Library. Also just so happens that the parliamentary procedure required in order to collect both houses of congress takes several hours to conduct, and with members of congress returning from their summer vacations, logistically this would have been a challenge absent of any schedule conflicts. In fact, the letter which Speaker Boehner sent the President requesting he conduct his joint session the following day makes no mention of the republican debate, and does not come across to me as disrespectful in any way. While I'm no fan of Boehner or the republicans in general, this just smacks of full-on sensationalism, and further highlights my belief that the media, and the constant 24-hour news cycle, is making having any sort of reasonable dialogue in this country impossible.

It's also troubling to me, that just as supposed "liberal" websites are turning their guns on Obama, they are completely letting Republicans off the hook. My favorite argument is that if he were tougher he would get his way. As if somehow there is a magical elixir sidestepping legislative procedure, like toughness could magically produce "yes" votes from grown men (and woman) who describe themselves as TEABAGGERS!!!

Now this is not me trying to let Obama off the hook, he surely could be a more effective negotiator than to consistently give ground before gaining any concessions, but I've been noticing such a liberal demoralization.. understanding in light of the times, and websites like Huffpo seem to just be looking to strike dischord regardless of target, but you are hearing less and less about republican obstructionism and more and more about Obama being a weak leader. The overwhelming unison of this narrative would be fairly convincing if it weren't so suspiciously contrived.

Republicans have done nothing the past three years but obstruct this President. They have done nothing for the American people since taking over leadership of the house. They campaigned in '10 on jobs, yet haven't introduced a single jobs bill in this Congress. In fact they have killed no less than 10 jobs bills that Democrats have introduced. The narrative in this country right now should not be "Obama Caves". The narrative should be that Republicans are out to sink the country in order to sink Obama. It is as clear as the nose on plain's face, and the fact this still goes unreported even on so-called "liberal" websites makes me sick to my stomach.