Friday, March 9, 2012


I have always touted the importance of science and math in modern life. Its just as elegant and sometimes more descriptive to use science and/or math to explain modern phenomenon. For example, if you asked me: hey bunkbud - where do you live? I could say Brooklyn, or I could say 74degrees north and 43 degrees west. The coordinates give you a better pic of the situation.

Such is the case with the Republican race. There's a lot of hogwash and poppycock about the R-man being a stiffy, and he's not connecting with the base, and there's a lot of spin. Most of it is accurate. But once again math and science tell a more clear picture. Romney is going to wrap up this nomination, the math just doesn't work for the San-man and Gingy. Sorry, but its true. Moreover, The big stiffy, W (Mitt R-man) has calculated the delegate math like Jason Finkel exploiting a scoring loophole in a yahoo fantasy baseball iphone app. And that's no joke. Finkel won the league, without really connecting to the base or winning all his games just like the R-man. In fact, Finkel won the league on a couple of well placed spot starts from the likes of Moscoso, Gorzellany, Maholm and Furbush. The parallels between Finkel and Romney are down-right eerie. They look exactly alike for one, and the results will be the same - they both win to a resounding "meh" from the congregation.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Moses Smell The Roses!

News out of Bloomberg this morning - poor wall street execs are finding life tough without the extra 500k smack on the tuchus this bonus season. Oh help me rhonda!

"Doris, looks like we're gonna have to cut back on the third Mercedes this year"

Boo fucking hoo.