Friday, January 6, 2012

Bad News For Republicans... The Economy is Getting Better for Everyday Hardworking Americans... Uh-oh!

Bad news for Republicans today. The latest jobs report by the Department of Labor indicates the economy added 200,000 jobs in December. This is a big uh-oh for the republicans, who spend every Sunday in church praying for this country's failure. This report marks the 22nd straight month of economic growth, following 25 straight months of blistering job losses. Honestly, I don't think Obama is without fault, but i think it is indisputable at this point that Republicans view any news that could be considered "good" for Americans, and thus for this President, as bad news for themselves. There is something very wrong with this. Last week, Mitt Romney said the following: "We've never gone into permanent recession or depression," he continued. "The economy will come back after recession. The question is, did he help it or hurt it? Did he prolong the pain or reduce the pain? The truth is, he made things harder to recover; he made more people suffer longer.". I love the inevitability which Romney attributes to the economic recovery. The truth is, had Republicans been in charge, if we got any stimulus at all it would have been much, much smaller, and most likely have had a much larger percentage hard-targeted towards tax cuts for the wealthy. As it were, the chief criticism Obama receives from economists is that his stimulus bill wasn't big enough. The fact that Romney, and by reduction Republicans, now wish to portray economic recovery as an inevitably just shows how oblivious they are to the facts on the ground. Back in 2008, a legitimate Republican Senate candidate to unseat a sitting Senate Majority Leader made a comment that a barter economy wasn't such a bad thing. This is where we were headed! The total collapse of our economy was not outside the realm of possibility. Yet any good economic news is treated as a setback for Republicans. Give me a beej already.

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