Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dipshit of the day goes to...

John Sununu of New Hampshire! This is a family blog so excuse me for my characterization of Sununu - but he's a dipshit supreme with a side of numbnuts. I caught an interview he did on msnbc earlier in the day with Chris Matthews. Matthews was angering him with his opinion oriented analysis. Sununu offered his support to Mitt Romney, saying Romney is the guy he trusts most to clean up after "...Obama ruined our economy". I was under the impression that Obama took office in 2009, which would leave him unavailable for blame pertaining to the economic crisis of 2008, from which our nation still staggers. That kind of crap really roasts my almonds. It's tough for a pile of chocolate mayonnaise like Sununu to remember as far back as 3.5 years ago.

Speaking of 3.5 years ago - does anyone remember that dude called George W. Bush? I do...and Im still pissed!

So off to South Carolina for Romneyfest '12. Here's some relief from my lingering Bush anger - South Carolina's own Stephen Colbert:

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