Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hypothetical "Steele" Cage Match: Herman Vs. Michael

While the level of divisiveness between parties has never been greater, intra-party squabbles continue to create political mayhem. In such instances, all paths to resolution must be explored. Which got us thinking, what politicians would be prime candidates for a Steel Cage Death Match! Well, who better to lead off than Michael "The Token Has Spoken" Steele! I'm sure there are quite a few Republicans that would like to have a crack at Mike. Well let's meet our challenger: Herman "The Human Sex Scandal" Cain! Cain's survival skills in the cage should no doubt be enhanced through his time spent leading that Prime A1 USDA grade Choice Cut Red Meat Republican bastion of conservative principles, the NRA nat'l restaurant association. He also brings his deadly "9-9-9" move to the cage, where he snipes and snips his way to complete oppositional deregulation! It's a fight to the death!

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