Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Morning Roundup: Political Wipeout

Last night marked the Florida Edition of Republican Primary Debate season 2012. The four main characters played their parts to perfection. Santorum as the creepy, religious uber-conservative. Paul as the bewrinkled, grizzled, M.D. of the Constitution. Gingy as the ideas man with enough skeletons in his closet to open up a human anatomy course supply store, and Mitt "the Stiff" Romney, reprising his role as the uninspiring serious candidate. In anticipation of tonight's State of The Union address, I would like to propose the following: we dispense with the current Primary season set up and run the remaining Republican Presidential contenders thru a wipeout-style obstacle course. Let's see how much venom these yokels have left for Obama after they've been ragdolled by the Face Blaster. Oh I would love to see this.

In more serious news, Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns for 2010. He paid an effective tax rate of 13.9%. This only bothers Democrats for some reason. Last night Romney made a comment during the debate that while his tax rate is low, he still pays a LOT in taxes. I've heard this argument made before. Hey buddy, you think it's a lot that you pay 13.9% of $42 million dollars of income you didn't even have to work for? Boo hoo, that only leaves you with $36 million after doing nothing all year but offering your blowhard opinions to budding young conservatives all across the country. If you made $42k/year, and actually worked for it, you would've paid 35% of your income, $14,700, leaving you just a shade above 27k before city and state taxes. Now if you made 42k and were privy to the same rate you are now, you would've paid slightly less than 6k in taxes for the same year. That is like 60% less in taxes. I know there has to be Republicans out there in this income bracket. Why doesn't this bother people? It's also interesting to me that Mitt Romney dismisses his investment interests with the caveat that his investments are in a "blind trust". This is a good thing? This guy goes around shilling himself as a businessman and yet the extent of his present financial success is being "blindly" handled but some portfolio managers? Either he's lying or this is just another insult to the working class. A guy that has enough money doesn't even need to be bothered with where his money is being invested. He can just hire somebody to do that. Yeah, I can see how he would connect with the average everyday voter.


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