Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Live-Blogging From The Bottom Bunk!

Tonight red-blooded Iowans will cast their choice to decide who will be the Republican nominee to take on President Obama in this November's election. Tax-cutting Iowans of all shapes, sizes, and levels of ignorance will brave the elements to decide between one fact-defying, logic-denying, planned parenthood defunding, medicare dismantling politician or another. Tonight, Iowans get to decide which one of their candidates stands the best chance of regaining the White House and finally driving this country's economy right off the cliff! And Bunk Bros will be there all along to watch in horror and disbelief as these exciting results trickle in! Will it be Mitt "Corporations are people!" Romney? Rick "I'd cut every agency in government if I only knew what they were" Perry? Michele "Obama = Hitler" Bachmann? Or will Newt "what a smart person sounds like to a stupid person" Gingrigh walk away with a come-from-behind W! The stage is set! So grab your 18th century colonial revolutionary war garb - it's time to Bunk Up!

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