Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterbacking... It's Tebow Time!

It was a weekend full of robust right wing rallying cries, as the New Hampshire Republican primary race heated up. With Floppy Poppy Mitt Romney wiggling back and forth like a worm on a hook, Jon Huntsman looks like he's starting to peel off some of the intelligent vote. This is the only guy I could conceivably see in a debate with Obama where something might come out of his mouth that I could agree with. Which makes his chances of earning the Republican nomination all the more unlikely. However it's interesting to me that there appears to be an "anyone but Romney" mentality within the Republican Party. As much of a slugfest as I recall the Obama/Clinton primary battle of '08 being, it seems like Gingrich, Perry, Paul, Santorum etc are really trying to ding up their frontrunner brethren. And much like how at the time the pro-Clinton argument was that such opposition within the party was only going to make the eventual candidate that much stronger in the general, Republicans don't seem generally concerned by the mud-slinging going on so early in this campaign. While I don't doubt that there is a significant percentage of registered republicans who are going to vote for whichever candidate wins the nomination, I do think that there is a growing possibility that if Romney (or Huntsman, for that matter) were to win the Republican nomination, that we may see a 3rd party candidate from the right, which i think would only seal Obama's chances at a second term.

In other republican news from the weekend, christian evangelical wunderkind Tim Tebow continued his improbable march to the promised land by vanquishing the significantly less god-fearing, planned-parenthood-supporting forces of the Pittsburgh Steelers, led by wayward sinner Ben Roethlisberger. All joking aside, I'm just about ready to stop hating on this guy and get my off-peak punched on the Tebow Train. I mean, the way people keep Limbaugh-ing this guy is starting to make me scratch my head. Sure there's nothing personally likeable about this guy. He's a home-schooled meathead draped in a clergyman's tunic. But the kid keeps coming up big when it matters most. I'm buyin!

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