Thursday, January 5, 2012

Honorable Republican ALERT:

Doesn't happen often, but I've got some news to report of an honorable Republican: While campaigning for Romney in NH, John McCain took an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC. Todd asked McCain if he felt bad for Gingrich (who had just been ad-bombed in Iowa), thinking McCain, a veteran of such tactics, might sympathize. McCain rightly and honestly said that this is a taste of what's to come with the Citizens United Case -- McCain called it: "the worst ruling in the history of the Supreme Court." McCain also referred to the "everlasting shame" that this dogshit decision will have on electoral politics. Intellectual honesty has been rare in this GOP campaign.

Frankly, Im a little surprised that the CU v. FEC decision isn't a bigger scandal coming out of Iowa. The Romney campaign spent $1.5 mil on positive ads in the state, while his PAC (made of three former Romney staffers) spent $2.8 million all on negative ads. The massive spending on negative ads by his PAC allowed Romney to claim he ran a completely clean campaign while his former aides carpet-bombed the Gingrich candidacy in Iowa. In the CU v. FEC decision, SCOTUS allows for unlimited campaign contributions under the condition that the PAC's and SuperPAC's are not directly coordinating with the candidate/campaign. What do you think? Did the Romney campaign orchestrate this ad strategy? Do you think Gingrich is right to believe that Romney secretly arranged for this? Give me a break. Violating this law could not be easier, the violation of this law is impossible to prove. This law was designed to be broken. Why is this not a bigger scandal?

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